The Brand
Color, Style, Precision, Quality, Elegance, Art. Each one of these words defines an essential element in Hippólito brand.
Hippólito is reborn maintaining his handmade essence:
His cuts, cloths and attention to detail.
Our goal is to be the meeting point for european sobriety and latin freshness. To be a space in which innovation and caribbean vitality come together to offer a masterpiece to the fashion world.


The Hippolito man is characterized by his cunning,tenacity and discipline, as an enterprising and successful person, is demanding in te choice of his attire and the places he that he usually visits, always aiming to distinctiveness. His classic, elegant and formal style never puts aside the modern, innovative and avant-grade.
His life, his environment and all that He is ,is admired by others. His personality is impregnated of security, firmness,style,and above all pride in his clothing.
It is a European Latin, maintaining a balanced mix between distintion, expression, elegant and tastefulness.
The Hippolito Man impresses.


The Suit
Our philosophy is to create a suit for the man who wishes to avoid both routine and the short lasting fashion trends. An Hippólito suit distinguishes itself by an impeccable attention to detail and a strict search for individuality. Innovation with new materials and use of the best cloths blend together with the shape of  each piece: comfort and elegance come together in an unique suits./p>

A suit of everlasting elegance. A suits that expresses culture,history, art and dedication. A suit that expresses culture, history, art and dedication. A suit for a man that conveys confidence and freedom. The only way to understand the value and quality of an Hippólito suits is by wearing one.


The preparation of the Hippólito Guayaberas are made entirely by hand by artisans shirtmakers.
Realized with classic tucks which go back on a tradition of more than 500 years joined perfectly to our more 30 years o experience.
The great variety of fine italian cotton fabrics and pure Irish linen have made that the Hippólito Guayaberas cross the border and have been tagged as the clothing in the history of the piece.
We're proud that Kings, Presidents, businessmen,politicians, athletes and artists always carry as an essential part of their trousseau.


Safe,strong,cutting edge, current,lover of distinction and style, and especially proud of her attiere.
Demanding, she knows what she wants,she is clasic, but likes to innovate and set the pece in the places where she.
Successful, She likes to be notices but not to be the center of attention. she's the bright spot of the place. attention but not being the center. It is the bright spot of the place.
The Hippólito women is "Spectacular".


Hippólito LUXXO
SQuality beyond quality. Hippólito Luxxo elevates the unequaled characteristics of Hippólito suits, taking them to the limit of the most demanding world standards
Each Hippólito Luxxo piece is crafted entirely by hand with exclusive materials and first rate cloths. From horn buttons to the highest craftsmanship traditions, creating pieces that please the highest standards.

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